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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Detect Fake Online Degree Program

More and more people are getting arrested or sued for illegally using a fake university degree for a better paid job. Sometimes it is done with criminal intent and at other times, the victims, who naively thought that a real college or university degrees. This is because many of the so-called "colleges and universities that provide" lying false titles themselves so well that they are considered to be mandatory, especially those fake college degrees online degree mills .

Bangladeshi, Abu Syeed locked Chowdury for four months in Singapore when it was found that the use of fake university degree fake job in dahk into. He has worked in Singapore for 5 years, and thus committed serious crime immigration.

Take, such as prĂ­pad Laura Callahan, who was the Deputy Information Officer of the United States Homeland Security high security department, it was discovered in June 2003 that it was a fake university degree. It is because of the the university studies scams high profile that employers need to vigilant regarding the qualifications of prospective employees and current employees.

University Signs fake or higher

Here are some signs to look out for detecting fake university degrees: -

1) the number of degrees date - the date on which the rate is wrong, and therefore suspect. For example, high sequence quality assurance, then Degree of step afterwards MBA or Masters and then at the PhD level. If someone has a PhD without a license, or a master's degree or higher before any lower, then the amount is certainly suspect. However, can person the discrepancy because he studied the stages of the various professions.

2) collected Imitation of branded universities and colleges-Some degree mills actually the names of famous and accredited universities. For example, Hamilton University is the fake version of Hamilton College said.

3) the level of errors - Check errors such as spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. University seal should be embossed and not just printed. Real universities and colleges take pride in their degrees and will not tolerate the errors.

4) quick steps - Steps will be obtained in a very short period of time, or number of steps to get a short time to tell tales signs of fake university and college degrees.

What can an employer do if the employee is found to be to secure fake fake job? Well, depending on the scope of work and the fraudster ansyennte, does not require a police report, as companies mislead clients do yourself to do something you would not do otherwise because of the distortion of educational qualifications of employees it.

Civil clothing can also be in action against an employee if the damages are not eligible distortions of his work suffered. Ever So tempted to get a fake degree false misleading because it can not be prosecuted in a criminal court a civil action on their behalf.

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