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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three creative program s offered by Online Colleges

Many people think that online education is only suitable for technical training. Programs most likely to hear these ultrasound technicians, paralegals, X-ray technicians, and so on tend to be the most popular degrees online. What you might not have heard a lot of creative programs that can be performed by means of online education. It is true, even creative among us find problems courses online. Here are a number of programs to give you an idea of ​​what is available.

Cooking schools online

"How can you participate in an online cooking school?" You ask. Yeah, some of the cooking school to the beans, cooking and the right to learn, but there is more to being an expert in this dish. culinary and hotel management, restaurant management are two areas where it is not necessary to know how to cook to get the job done. There are many agencies that online cooking similar in people plan for their hospitality.


Le Cordon Bleu Program Online
The Art Institutes
Interior Design Schools Online

Interior design is not just moving furniture. In the online program, students learn the theory behind the project, how your colors, lighting and furniture to integrate a certain aesthetic achievement. Interior design program graduates remain controlled theatrical lighting, furniture designers, residential and commercial interior designers and developers. All employees of a bachelor's degree in interior design, you can make money online.


Academy of Art University
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Graphic Design

Are you the type of people the ad in the subway and to determine whether they are effective or not? Enjoy the magazine with a very balanced setup? Then it may be appropriate for a career in graphic design. Graphic design for websites, newspapers and magazines to an interesting mix of text and pictures. Online programs offer basic courses in graphic design, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Whether you are looking to spruce up the back or change careers completely, you can use the correct line program.


Westwood College
Full Sail University

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